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Tomi Toivio

Tomi Toivio

Who is Tomi Toivio?

I recently graduated from a journalism college. During 2015-2015 I was studying crossmedia journalism in the Laajasalo College. Curriculum included video production, audio production, photography, image processing, journalistic writing, as well as various other subjects.

Portfolio for the Laajasalo College is in Finnish. Studies included an internship of two months. I was working as an online journalist in Maailma.net.

Previously I have received a Master of Social Science degree from the University of Helsinki.  I graduated in 2006.

My first real job as a journalist was to write news briefings as a subcontractor for the breakfast television while I was still a university student. I have been writing constantly as a freelance journalist since then. One of the magazines I have been contributing frequently to is Kulttuurivihkot.

I have worked for approximately eight years as a technical writer and an English-Finnish-English translator. My favorite project was the Finnish language version of FLOSS Manuals which was running during 2009-2014. I worked as the Open Source Coordinator, which means I was coordinating the collaboration with various contributors as well as acting as a translator, technical writer and webmaster.

One of my most interesting experiences was to work as a GIS expert in Kenya. I worked in Shalin’s development co-operation project during the post-election violence of 2007-2008. The first post in the Finnish language version of this blog is about my arrival in Nairobi in July 2007.

I am a web programmer and my favorite technologies are PHP and WordPress. Recently I have been involved in programming projects mostly through our Sange Coop. While I was studying in the Laajasalo College I was mostly working on the WooCommerce web shop and 3D Printer Map of our local filament manufacturer. I have written a blog post about the 3D Printer Map project.

Design of this site was retro-inspired by the Uskotko site I designed in 2013. I was going through my older WordPress projects in order to create a portfolio and I decided I want my own site to be a bit similar.

My goal is to master both web publishing technologies and online content production. WordPress is my favorite platform, since it is possible to create quite unusual web sites with very little resources.

My English language portfolio contains web development projects as well as documentation, localization and translation projects. Please check it out!

This was a quick overview and many jobs and projects were not mentioned. See my Linkedin profile for more information.

I am available for awesome projects through our Sange Coop, please be brave and contact me!

Video format

The same story in video format. English subtitles!